The Civil War Diary of Ezekiel A. Brown

[Webmaster's Note: Originally run Journeys Through Jackson, Volume 6, Number 1. JTJ Ed: One of our members, Jean Graham Brown of Englewood, Colorado has graciously granted permission to the society to print excerpts from this diary. She is in possession of the original, which is a volume ''presented by W.E. Brown to E A. Brown and caried to prison by the last named Sept, 1863. After his death June 18th, 1865, at Chicago, Ill., was returned to W.E. Brown Jackson County NC by Thomas Shelton.'' Local genealogists and historians will recognize the history of one of the companies of the 62nd North Carolina. These excerpts are quoted verbatim except that some punctuation has been added for clarity.]

The Trip to Camp Douglas, Illinois
Left Webster August 21st 1862 first K[night] to Calers Hill...2nd K to the Institute…3d K at the Baptist Church on Hominy...4th to Pattens at the sawmill...5th night 5 miles below Marshel…6th night on Paint Creek near Paint Rock thence across Paint Mt. and across Cove Creek in Green County thence 2 m[iles] and a half to Chuckey River...7th night 1/2 mile of Greenville…8th knight into camp and received our bounty August the 30th.

Left [illegible] Jackson the 9th of Sept. 1862 arrived at Lick Creeke the same day and received our 2nd bounty…Oct the 20th snow…Oct the 26th some 7 inches deep…on the 27th we caught 9 rabbits and 8 of us eat 7 which made a fine mess...

1863 Left Lick Creeke May the 5th thence to Greenville, Tenn. and left Greenville the 21st for Cumberland Gap...I left Lick Creeke May the 1st and come to the hospital at Greenville and left the hospittal June the 18th…first knight stayed at Morriston Tenn lay on tanbark...2nd day crossed Holston and stayed at Jinnens lay on the kitchen floor…also crossed Clinch River and stayed the 3 knight at a man's house not known lay on the floor also…also crossed Big and Little Sycamore and across Powels River and arrived at Cumberland Gap the 21st...

Went into the rifle pits Sept 4th and surrendered the 9th of the same…and remained there under gard until the 11th and then started to our destination in the North…and stayed the first knight at the foot of the [illegible] Mts...2 knight at Flat Lick and next day threw Barboursville and stayed the 3 knight 8 miles from town and the 4th knight at Wallens Creek and threw London Ky the 15th and crossed Laurel Creek where stood [illegible] Yankey wagons and stayed that knight at Camp Pitman…and on the 16th traveled 13 mikes crossing Little Rockcastle Creek then across Wild Cat Mountain and stayed that knight on Rockcastle River.

Next morning crossed the river and marched threw a little town by the name of Mount Vernon and camped that knight one mile and a half from town it being the 17th...and on the 18th marched threw Craborchard it being 12 miles from Mount Vernon...and then threw the town of Lancaster they being 12 miles apart it being the 19th and stayed that knight at Camp Dick Robison…white frost fell on the knight of the 19th...the 20th marched threw Briantville and then 4 miles further and threw Fisk Port in the vicinity of Daniel Boon…then one mile further and arrived at Camp Nelson and also crossed Ky River on Hickmans Bridge and stayed the knight of the 20th at Camp Nelson in 6 miles of the RR.

And then threw the town of Nicholasville then threw a beautiful country for 12 mites to Lexington a town of note this being the 21st...and on the same knight our officers was taken from us unknown to any of us or where they are gone to and the rest of us left shut up in an old market house this being the the 23 still in the market house 4 oclock and past on the evening of the 23 out and ready to take the train…we are now on the train on the Louisville and Lexington RR...started 7 oclock the first town we past after mounting the train was by the name of Midway the 2nd Frankfort the capital of Ky...and arrived at the sitty of Louisville Ky at daylight the 24th...and remained there some 3 hours then mounted the steamboat and crossed over into the state of Indiana this being the 25th right into the sitty of Jeffersonville crossing Ohio River...

To Memphis Ind then threw Vianna…then threw the town of Semour…then threw the town of Coquamo…then threw the citty of Indianapolis…then threw the town of Sharpsville…[next line illegible]...Several towns passed in the knight names not known...then arrived at Chichago Sitty on the knight of the 25th about 10 oclock and went in to Camp Douglas our place of destination and occupied our barracks…snow fell on the knight of the 22nd October 1863...3 snows in the same month

List of CO. G. 62 NCI
A. D. Hooper. Capt.
D. F. Brown 1st Lt
B. N. Queen 2nd Lt
P. M. Parker 3rd Lt
E. A. Brown 1st Serg
R. L. Watson 2nd Serg
Thomas Hooper 3rd Serg
W. W. Henson 4th Serg
S. I. Cook 5th Serg
J. T. Carson 1st Corp
A. J. Moffitt 2nd Corp
C. A. Ash 3rd Corp
E. A. Cook 4th Corp
W. P. Arrington
J. B. Arrington
W. L. Broom
J. M. Brown
P. M. Brown
R. E. Brown
John Brown
Levi Brown
J. M. Berry
W. J. Burrel
J. L. Cathey
W. H. Cathey
H. B. Cook
E. M. Coward
S. H. Coward
W. T. Coward
S. C. Crawford
William Crawford
M. L. Coggin
A. S. Chastain
William Chastain
Jehu Carson
William Daves
A. F. Fortner
S. M. Gunter
E. Hawkins
B. Hawkins
T. P. Hooper
T. V. Hooper
W. P. Hooper
A. M. Hooper
H. M. Hooper
W. R. Hooper
L. W. Hooper
W. N. Hemphill
W. H. Haskett
R. C. Huffman
E. J. Huffman
G. W. Hamilton
W. E. Hill
A. W. Johnston
J. H. Long
W. M. Johnston
A. L. Lovedoll
J. A. More
J. M. Mathis
J. H. Mathis
W. B. Morris
T. S. Monteith
A. W. Parker
H. A. Parker
J. H. Parker
J. P. Parker
S. J. Parker
L. C. Presley
D. S. Presley
Elijah Stiles
M. M. Shelton
T. J. Shelton
D. M. Stephens
W. B. Winters
G. W. Watson
W. W. Watson
J. A. Watson
G. M. Watson
D. C. Woodring
J. W. Wood
M. B. Wood
J. A. Young

Company Deaths Recorded in the Diary
William Chastain died April 14th 1863 of jaundice and fever at Lick Creek Tenn.
J. L. Cathey died Aug. 8th 1863 of typhoid fever at Cumberland Gap Va.
G. M. Watson died Dec 17th 1863 of a disease of the lungs at Chicago.
R. C. Huffman died Dec 31st 1863 of pneumonia fever at Chicago
T. P. Hooper died Dec 4th 1863 of pneumonia fever at Chicago
S. C. Crawford died Jan 4th 1864 of a protracted illness at Chicago
J. B. Arrington died Feb 11th 1864 of pneumonia fever
W. P. Hooper died May 16th 1864 of smallpox at Camp Douglas
S. M. Gunter died Nove 4th 1864 of brain fever at Chicago
P. Young died Dcr 5th 1864 of dropsy Chicago
J. T. Carson died July the 18th 1864 of chronic diarrhea at hospital
S. F. Cook died December 10th 1864 of smallpox at Chicago
Wm Crawford died Dec 30th 1864 of smalpox at Camp Douglas
W. P. Arington died August 4th 1864 of diarrhea
A. W. Johnson died June 18th 1864 of smallpox at Camp Douglas
Elihu Hawkins died January 11th 1865 of chronic disease
J. P. Parker died June 12th 1864
S. H. Coward died March 5th 1864
W. N. Hemphill died Dec 20th 1864
J. A. Watson died Jan 11th 1865 of chronic diarhea
Wm Hooper of Geo died of diarrhea Feb 15th 1865
Ezekiel A. Brown died in Camp Douglas Ill. June 18th 1865

[JTJ Ed: The poignancy of the last death should be apparent. It is the diarist who had recorded so many details. His death is recorded in a different handwriting, and the irony is that his death occurred after the war was over. Was he too sick to travel back to Jackson County?]


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